Friday, May 19, 2006

Wooot! LVL 19! IRL!

Yesterday was thine birthday, today I decide to change things a little, now I'm going to speak in ye olde english language!
As for birthday news I recieved 5 Cards 4 presents... ach looks like birthdays growing out of me just like Christmas.
Then again ye get this when ye're older so I'm sure its just a natural teenage-to-adult way right?
Well thats my short post for this week/month...
Fare thee well! for any ghostly like visitors!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Too many choices in life...

Heh it's funny to think, that having an endless ammount of options to choose from can be a good thing. You always have the choice no matter what situation you are in, well as the old saying goes...
But for me it's different, having too many options in life can come out with randomly generated results by just choosing only one choice. How is one suppose to know whats the right choice? Usually someone will respond "By following your heart and making the right one" Then how can you ask your own heart and not knowing what to expect? Or What do you expect? haha tis funny how people are heartbroken usually relationships when mine seems to be heartbroken by my self...
S*** here I dont even know what I am saying but... making the right choice isn't usually the easiest jobs in the world... I guess its one of thoose things you have to find out for your self.
Damn, I guess this is life as we know it just remember, you never have no options theres always atleast one just dont make it one to many.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

A new beginning and a new ending

Hi! And welcome to my blog, my name is Frank Turner originally my name is Francis Turner, but I prefer Frank since when people say it in a british accent, it just makes me sound like a girl.

But having insults to you every 5 seconds where ever you went you tend to get used to it... believe me i've been down that road before, I'm sure someone else has experinced this also but any how its all in the past, it may tend to resurface in the future and give you a hard time but thats common for most people any how...

Any how I am current 18 years old born in 18th of May 1987 lived in UK most of my life from the age of 0 - 16 was some of the worse years of my life, you'll find out in a book I'm currently writting, since my college days things has been looking out for me I'm finally learning the place in my life, setting my self a long distance goal loads of a friends and still a perfect time keeping record on entering the class.

Most of you probably think thats pretty much normal casual life, well its not.
Every one has there secrets as for me some secretes are meant to be kept secrete but the others need to be let out... y'know? like the oposite of a secrete. Living life with Autism is challenging, yet imaginative, did I mention that I was autistic? Well I am... Its not something to be proud of I know, but keep your head up high and you'll be fine....

My web states a fact... it comes with turns on a simple guy who dreams of always being the hero but turns out to be nothing instead.... I welcome you to my life my life of a hero who doesn't exist who defends for the better justice, who stands infront of the enemy and defends his friends.

One of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite films Ladder 49 -
"How is it that firefighters can run into a burning building when everyone else is running out? Courage is the answere."